We print your personal Whatsapp book

Chatprint turns your WhatsApp chat into a printed WhatsApp book and puts your messages back on paper so you don’t forget your best memories! As the first supplier of WhatsApp books in the German market, we are constantly expanding our service and offering the best quality at an unbeatable price. If you ever wondered if you could print your WhatsApp chat and make a book out of it, then our service is just right for you. Creating an individual book is easy with us:

1. Install our App

Creating your WhatsApp book is a breeze with our iOS and Android app.

2. Design your WhatsApp book

After a short time you get an individual editing link to customize your book to your heart’s content.

3. Give love with your WhatsApp book

After 8 working days you will receive your freshly printed individual WhatsApp book. The recipient will love it!

Your WhatsApp book with all the important messages


What would your WhatsApp book be without text messages? And easily remove any unwanted messages.

Audio messages

A soft "I love you" or the first laughter of your baby. Printed for eternity.


The first steps of the child or memories of the festival. Watch your videos again and again.


What would your chat be without the funny smileys and emojis?

Your personal WhatsApp book – probably the most individual gift!

Whether as a gift or for your own bookshelf – You want to keep Your WhatsApp book and will read it again and again.

600 Pages

Nobody else does that! All pages bound in one </ b> books.


Create your cover completely free and without restrictions.


We print your pages all over and without any annoying white border.

Professional Printing

We print on the most modern digital printers for the best quality.

Unconditional quality

No compromises – That’s our philosophy for your WhatsApp book. So that your chat history gets the frame it deserves.

Your voice messages and videos are printed as QR codes.
Full-surface background graphics without disturbing white border.
Of course, your photos will also be printed.

Your personal WhatsApp book – probably the most individual gift!

we take privacy seriously

Because your data belongs to you!


SSL encryption

Your data will be transmitted via a 2.048 bit encryption.

fully automatic

Your chat is processed and prepared automatically by the server. So only you have an insight into your chat.

Deletable at any time

You can manually delete your chat at any time with one click.

Automatic cleanup

After 30 days, your chat will be automatically deleted.

Anonymous printing

Also the printing of your book is completely automatic and anonymous.

Customizable chat

Of course, you can edit or delete any messages in your chat.

Try our Chat Editor for free! Only when we print your WhatsApp book, costs arise.