Your printed WhatsApp book

Chatprint turns your Whatsapp message history into a hardcover WhatsApp book. It brings your messages back on paper so that precious moments won’t be forgotten. Creating your individual book is very simple:

1. Send Your Chat

Send your Whatsapp chat to A detailed explanation can be found in our manuals.

2. Design Your Content

A short time after you submitted your chat, you will receive your individual link to adjust your chat to your wishes.

3. Design Your Cover

As a final step you can design your individual book cover. There is no limit to your creativity.

4. Fall In Love With Your Book

You will receive your individual Whatsapp Bool after 8 working days. Your presentee will love it!

Design Your book now!




This makes chatprint so special

The perfect gift

No matter if you print your message history of the love of your life, funny chats with your colleagues or soul stirring group dialogues, you will always have the perfect gift! A Whatsapp book couldn’t be more individual and personal. Your friends will love it!

High quality print

Your Chatprint Whatsapp book is produced with the latest digital printers. Brilliant colour and high quality paper will set your Whatsapp chat in scene. You won’t want to let your freshly printed book out of your hand and you won’t read it only once.

For eternity

In the digital era, a lot of personal data will, sooner or later, be forgotten in the data graveyard. With Chaptrint, you can bring your words back on paper and safe them for eternity. Because the small memories and stories of life should be made eternal.

Premium WhatsApp Book

Your Whatsapp book will have an individual and exclusive book cover. With up to 600 pages you will be able to insert the most important messages. Aside from the hardcover option we also offer a softcover as an alternative. Of course you can individualise the softcover as much as the hardcover.


Not only the content, but also the book cover will be as special as the people involved in its creation. With our cover designs, you can insert your desired text and photos onto your personal and unmistakable original.

Photos inclusive

Sometimes a photo can say more than a thousand words. That’s why your Whatsapp chat will be printed completely with all your photos. Of course all your emoticons will be present to guarantee a complete Whatsapp book.


The most individual present and memory for eternity.

*Use our chat editor free of charge and non-binding to design your book. Only if you order your book bindingly in our shop, charges will apply.