Instructions for the revocation rights of the consumer


Instruction for the cancellation right


A consumer is every natural person, who forms a legal transaction without an aim towards their self-employed or commercial employment status.


Cancellation policy for the delivery of goods, that were not manufactured to customer specification and have been delivered in the same delivery.

You have the right, within 14 days and without a declaration of reason to revoke this contract. The revocation period amounts to 14 days, starting the day that you are a known third-person party received the goods. To exert the revocation right you have to inform us in an explicit way (i.e. via letter, telefax, email)


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about your decision to revoke this contract. You can, but do not have to, use the attached exemplary revocation form. To keep the term of the revocation period it is sufficient to inform us before the end of the revocation period.

Consequences of a revocation

When you revoke a contract, we have to repay any kind of payments that we received from you, including the delivery costs (excluding additional costs for a special delivery that is different than the offered standard delivery), without hesitation and within the 14-day period, beginning the day that the knowledge of the revocation reaches us. For this repayment, we use the same payment option that you used in the original transaction, except for the case, that you stated explicitly a different option. In both cases you will not receive any form of compensation. We can refuse to repay, until we have received our goods or receive proof of the shipment to us, whatever is the earlier case. You have to return the goods without any hesitation to us, within a 14-day period, after the day you informed us of the revocation of the contract. The period remains intact, if you send the goods back before the 14-day period passes.

You bear the costs of the return of the goods.

You only have to compensate for possible loss of value if the loss of value is not traced back to the examination of the state, feature and functioning of the goods, which was not more than necessary.


Exclusion and discharge of contract of the revocation right

The revocation right is not composed in contracts for the delivery of the goods, contracts that are not prefixed and for the manufacturing of goods that require an individual choice or decision by the consumer that is related to the personal needs of the consumer. As long as the print results from the website are made to customer specification, no legal revocation right is applicable. A contractual right of revocation is not conceded.