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When we print your WhatsApp book you have the possibility to choose between two cover variants. Our hardcover is the high quality WhatsApp book that puts a WhatsApp history in just the right light. The softcover is a nice cheaper alternative to the hardcover book. In terms of number of pages and paper quality, however, this is in no way inferior to the hardcover. But read for yourself how our WhatsApp books differ:

Hardcover book

Our hardcover book will make your WhatsApp history shine in new splendor. Printed in full colour and with up to 600 pages, our premium book is a real ham for your bookshelf. Of course your cover is completely customizable. So the book makes a good impression at first sight! This is certainly the most chosen option when we print a WhatsApp book.

  • Bound hardcover book
  • Up to 600 pages
  • Including videos & voice messages
  • Including all photos
  • Individual cover
  • Printed in colour

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